Candidates will first be asked questions on the Topics by the Specialists below:

  1. Livability –  Architect and planner Rob McGauran.
  2. Education – Two senior students from Albert Park College.
  3. Arts and Culture – Nicole Beyer, Executive Director, Theatre Network Australia.
  4. Crime and Safety – Local Herald-Sun journalist Selby Stewart.

These questions will be drawn from questions submitted from people like you.
Please submit your question for the candidates using the following form.
They will be published lower down on this page.


JANE – The Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre was funded by the Community Fund (gaming taxes) and Port Phillip City Council for “sporting, education, recreational, social, entertainment and related purposes” but current management’s stated vision for MSAC is to focus on professional & elite athletes. Popular amenities like the surf simulator and the sprung-timber floored group exercise room have been replaced by facilities for elite athletes; the hydrotherapy pool is often unavailable; gym membership & casual visit charges have increased to unaffordable levels for many; & the high cost of parking at MSAC causes patrons to park out local streets. Patronage at MSAC is now falling at a time when people need to exercise more. If you are elected as the Member for Albert Park and your party forms Government or holds the balance of power, what will you do about the elitism at MSAC?

BRENDA – What is your party’s plan for increasing the number of new schools in Albert Park and expanding or redeveloping existing schools?

BRENDA – What is your party’s policy on domestic violence and what funding have you committed to increasing services (such as housing) that will assist women escaping abusive and violent relationships? Also what plans does your party have for changing the behaviour of perpetrators of domestic violence?

DON – Could each candidate confirm that they reside within the electorate.

PETER – The 2018 annual report of the Victorian government’s agency, the Australian Grand Prix Corporation shows that this year’s F1 car race cost $105.5m to stage while revenue from ticket sales and sponsorship amounted to only $42.5m. This left a shortfall of $63m to be met from public funds, which was described in the annual report as ‘government investment’. Do you honestly believe that this event represents a good investment for Victorian citizens and justifies the 3-4 month period when the amenity of Albert Park Reserve is largely destroyed by circuit construction and heavy truck movements? Is so, where and what is the evidence?

SUSAN – With regard to the Fishermans Bend development, does your party agree with the minimum requirement of 6% for affordable housing, given that Port Phillip Council has requested 20%? Will you be actively seeking to raise the minimum requirement?

KATE – St Kilda is generally considered the party suburb; where backpackers abound and tourists flock to the many outdoor events that occur over the summer months on the St Kilda Foreshore and Catani Gardens. However, St Kilda is primarily a residential suburb, and a densely populated one at that. Residents know, and accept, that others want to visit and enjoy all the amenity the locals enjoy, but when some of those visits destroy the amenity of the residents, through park and beach closures, road closures, excessive noise from music events, antisocial behaviour in our streets, why are residents rights to reasonable amenity not respected? Clearly most of these issues lie with Council, but what can State Government do to help maintain resident amenity in suburbs such as St Kilda?

GRAHAM – What is your party’s policy or plan for Waterfront Place, Port Melbourne? This derelict eyesore is the gateway to Melbourne for those who arrive by boat yet a more negative experience could not be had. Why doesn’t the government purchase the site and develop it into public open space (eg St Kilda Triangle), a convention centre incorporating or relocating the current immigration museum thus building on the history and heritage of the area or other appropriate asset to be shared and enjoyed by the community?

DEBORAH – Understanding the dangerous influence that fossil fuel lobbyists and so-called ‘political donations’ (bribes) from destructive industries are having on decision makers at all levels of government, how would you ensure that climate and environment protection policies that are based on the most up-to-date, independent science are urgently adopted?

FRANK – Given the huge need for affordable housing, not just in this area but across the State and elsewhere, what are your proposals for working with local government and with other relevant agencies to facilitate the maintenance and addition to social housing stock in the Seat of Albert Park? And what specific mechanisms are you proposing to maintain existing low cost housing?

GARY – Matthew Guy has recently announced a proposal that the St.Kilda Triangle will be turned into a “green space” that would remove cars from the current car park. Would it be possible that what is a good idea to remove unsightly and intrusive cars from the foreshore could be turned into a world class iconic location by removing cars completely and placing Jacka Boulevard underground from Catani Gardens to St. Kilda Marina? The result would be a large open green parkland from the Catani Gardens, through the end of Fitzroy Street and from The Esplanade down to the beach. It would also remove the current traffic jamb along Jacka Boulevard caused by the numerous pedestrian crossing which may only get worse as the area becomes more popular. The result would be an outstanding car free, beach front location that would make the St.Kilda foreshore a world class destination to rival, if not better, the likes of the popular Ramblas and foreshore in Barcelona or the Fisherman’s Wharf area in San Francisco.

BRUCE – What is your approach to phasing out electricity generation using coal, and for Victoria, and our electorate in particular, in promoting and indeed adopting the generation of renewable energy?

COLIN – What would your policy be on reducing greenhouse emissions? What targets would you set? And how would they be achieved?

DAVID – What policy would you adopt to reduce the risk of flooding in the Albert Park electorate, and more generally in Victoria?

JACK – What would be your policy on fracking? Would you maintain the current Victorian ban?

LES – What steps would you take to encourage the uptake and use of electric vehicles?

LORNA – Would you support logging in high conservation value forests? If so, why? If not, why not? If logging were to end, how would you support affected communities?

HELEN – Would you support implementation of environmental flows throughout the Murray Darling system? If so, why? If not, why not?

HELEN – What measures would you take to reduce the Heat Island Effect and its impact on the old and vulnerable?

LORNA – Would you support the establishment of the Great Forest National Park?

DAVID – Given the current policy vacuum in Canberra, what should the Government of Victoria do to address the risks of runaway climate change?

MICHELLE – Can you please confirm that green spaces, existing parks and sensitive areas will be an important part of our community in the future? What plans do you have for increasing green spaces and what steps will you introduce for the protection and maintenance of existing areas?

MICHELLE – Can you please tell me what your vision is of development regarding housing? Will you please reassure us that our community will not be faced with the same multi story apartment/complex developments that South Yarra and Sandringham (to name some suburbs) are experiencing now?